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Current Technologies Around Livestock

Current Technologies Around Livestock

Since the time humans started keeping livestock, there have been many ways they try to make it easy and better for them to keep the livestock. The methods used in keeping livestock have evolved over time. With the current technological world, we are in different technologies have been invented to help in the management and keeping of livestock.
Some of the current technologies around livestock are:

Heat detection system
Heatime is a new long distance (HLD) stand-alone heat detection system for dairy farmers to improve the heat detection across the herd. Based on behaviour, movement and activity, a tag embedded with sensors fitted to the cow’s collars identifies changes in normal activity and behaviour around estrus and detects heat activity.
Heatime is easy to use and monitors the activity of the whole herd of over 750,000 cows between Ireland and the UK. Using a colour touchscreen, the system provides users with complete individual cow records.
The system uses Long Distance (LD) radio frequency (RF) technology to transmit data every 20 minutes. Activity data for each cow is updates from any point within 800 metres of the antenna. Because of this activity, activity is now monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year, this allows the farmer the peace of mind to focus on other activities in the farmyard.

Achieve heat detection rates up to 95% heat detection.
Reduce your calving
Interval up to 15 days
Increase milk yields up to 10%
Save time and money
Easy to use touchscreen
Up to 500 tag capacity
Up to 4 drafting gates (2 or 3 ways)
SMS & email alerts ( require internet connection)

2. Moocall Calving Sensor
Moocall monitors pregnant cow so that you can get on with running your farm. Contractions are monitored to accurately determine when she will most likely calf. An SMS is sent to up to 2 phones to alert the farmer to ensure that you can be present to when calving occurs, usually, about 1 hour prior to calving. They also send email and app notifications to give extra layer of cover.

One hour advance warning of calving via SMS, app and email.
Rechargeable battery that will last 4 weeks.
Free complementary app featuring herd management – community – device management
Off tail notification, if the device falls off the tail.
New non-slip red rubber.

3. Pregnancy probability on Heatime
This application gives farmers an additional tool on top of the heat index to help maximize the success and predict if a cow may become open. By basing informed decisions on the pregnancy probability report, you can reduce costs and preserve cows’ comfort by minimizing invasive testing.
You can also enhance your visibility of the herd status and improve planning and control of days open and pregnancies. The application can also predict the probability of abortions by continually monitoring system heats during pregnancy period.
The abortion probability monitoring is critical to reducing unplanned culling through better management of pregnancies.

4. Smart collar
Smart non-invasive neck collars with monitor temperature, activity and behaviour of each individual cow. The actionable recommendations of reports from the collars help improve income on dairy farms.

Reduce vets visits
Improve herd health
Increase milk yield
prevent diseases
Reduce labour cost
Maximize profits
Saves time

Neck collars and rumen bolus
Neck collars are devices with temperature sensors and GPS locators that are attached to the neck of animals. The attachment is done using belts made up of materials that are appropriate and suitable for the occasion. This device can track the location of the livestock and can also monitor the temperature of the animal at all times and send information to the operator’s dashboard for the onward report to the owners for immediate attention.
Rumen bolus, on the other hand, is a substance with temperature sensors and GPS locator that is injected into the rumen of animals. This device can track the location of the livestock and can also monitor the temperature of the animal at all times and send information to operators dashboard for the onward report to the owners for immediate attention.

Advantages of bolus and neck collars
They have sensors that can detect the temperature of livestock at a particular time.
Location of livestock are monitored in real time
Livestock owners get accurate information on their livestock at all times
Livestock owners save time by not physically identifying their livestock
Investment of livestock owners are saved as theft and death through undetected diseases are minimized.

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